DLDSR support for 16:9 aspect ratio on 21:9 screens

Please let me use your technology, weve been asking for this for years with dsr and now with dldsr.

Dldsr uses your monitors highest resolution for scaling. The issue lies within when you want to use it for programs that dont support your highest resolutions aspect ratio.

You could use custom resolution utility to delete your highest resolutions and change them to 16 by 9 ones.

However this only works on a select few monitors. Mine for example, only supports 60 and 120hz on non native resolutions.

I can use my monitors max 175hz on a non native resolution if its being scaled by the gpu. Such as selecting 2650x1440 in the nvcp and setting it to whatever hz i like.

I CAN do this because the gpu is scaling 2560x1440 from my native 3440x1440.

However if i delete or chsnge those to 2560x1440, i no longer have the ability to use any hz that isnt 60 or 120

This effectively renders dldsr useless. As its most useful in older titles with poor/no ultrawide support.

Also even if a game supports ultrawide , theyre very unlikely to support the dldsr version of ultrawide , as these games usually have a max resolution and thats usually 3440x1440

All we ask, is that when we select dldsr or dsr , that you have 2 resolutions pop up available. One for 21:9 and one for 16:9.

Thats all we need. Please consider it