DLI Building Real Time Video Applications Inquiry

Working my way through this workshop and running into a problem on the final part. Specifically, every time I create the pipeline, my kernel always crashes and forces a restart. Not sure if this is due to an error within the pipeline config itself or one of the previously configured edit files. Has anyone else ran into a similar issue when completing this workshop?

Thanks for asking - I shall ask one of the DLI experts to jump in and help

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Hello, I can try to assist. This usually happens if the configuration file for nvinfer has an issue.

Can you kindly provide the nvinfer configuration file to dli-support@nvidia.com so that we can troubleshoot.

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Thanks to both Nadeemm and Kevinlee for both answering. Kevinlee was correct, as soon as I correctly configured my nvinfer config file, I was able to create the pipeline and complete the course.

Happy to have been able to help - the DLI team are always ready to help - they just didn’t see this post until I forwarded it.

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Best of luck with your work

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