DLI lab time usage limit error with course Building Realtime video application

I am not able to use Nvidia lab due to usage limit.

Hello @udayzee05,

I have granted you additional time.


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In Morning I did 2.30 hr session and then logout , now I am trying to log in again showing usage limit error

Hi @udayzee05,

I granted you an additional amount of time. Let me know if you cannot complete this course.


Sir, I am encountering a similar problem. I’ve started the course: Building Realtime video AI application I hope this is the right place for the following issue. I’ve really appreciated the course however I’m not able to do the assignment because when I try to launch the interactive session I get “You have exhausted the lab time provided with your course enrollment.”.
Due to network connectivity issue, It is true that I’ve spent too much time on the task. But I would really appreciate if I could be able to get additional time. Would it be possible to have an extension of time to be able to do my exercises? Thankyou very much in advance.

Hello @mihretkochito,

I have replied to your message. Your account is now updated.

Thank you very much!

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Hi @udayzee05

Were you able to complete the course? If I don’t hear back from you, I will assume all is good and will close this topic.