Dlib not run in a startup script

im trying to run a script at startup i think the instructions to make this in the boot are ok but i get this error when the service is trying to start, i need some help to solve this I hope someone here can bring some help.

Not sure, and I have poor skills with python, but my guess would be that you installed dlib in python3 for user (jetson) only.
As the systemd service runs as root, you would be sure that python3 run as root can import dlib:

sudo su

#In pyhton3:
import dlib

If this shows similar error, after exit python3 and still logged as root in the terminal you would use

pip3 install dlib

in order to install it for root user as well (this may be not optimal for disk space, but may help to move forward).

Hi friend yeah I install face_recognition with pip3 and the script is running normally in terminal but with the service show me this error and i have no idea how can i install dlib as root if that is the error

Did you try the commands above ?
Did python3 run as root succeed to import dlib ?
If not, you may try the last command.
You may post the output of these for further advice.

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