dlr runtime on nano

anyone tried using dlr runtime (https://github.com/neo-ai/neo-ai-dlr) and can share the performance?


Sorry that we don’t have experience with it.
It looks like it only supports 16.04 ARM environment but Nano is using Ubuntu18.04.


Hi, but there is a dlr installation file present in the link you have shared for Jetson Nano. I have installed DLR on Nano using that link but am not able to run models on it due to errors.

So, are you saying that since I have a Ubuntu 18.04 version Jetpack my dlr won’t work even though I used the dlr file that was specifically for Nano?

DLR file:




What kind of error do you meet?
Would you mind to share the detail information with us first?

Sorry that we don’t have too much experience on the DLR library.
From the DLR website, it looks like they only verify the 16.04 ARM environment.

The status of Ubuntu18.04 is unknown so it may not work.