DLSS 3 for UE5.3 issue

I’m unsure what is happening or if I’m missing anything here… The plugin for 5.2 works perfectly fine I’m reaching 60/70 fps but the 5.3 seems to do nothing, everything works fine as far as the plugin is activated, allowing usage of nodes, etc. but as far as “effect” seems to do nothing.

UE5.2 60/70 fps

UE5.3 fps cut half or less and seems to do nothing in terms of effect

Update : On Editor without playing it, it shows the “boost” from DLSS (I activated it in settings to activate on editor as well) but soon I “play” fps and performance drops straight away… Is this issue UE5.3 Engine or the plugin for UE5.3?

This is the log from it (Logs have been changing if I’m not wrong if this is not the correct log please give me a small hand finding it, engines have been playing around a bit with these files on new releases)

Kenzo5_3.log (10.1 MB)

Thank you in advance for any help!

I forwarded your issue to some experts, let’s see if they can help.

I trust that you verified all he different performance settings of DLSS in your project? I saw in the log that you also looked at MaxQuality and DLAA only modes.

The first thing to check, which I often forget, is to run our sample project that is included with the SDK download.

In there you will be able to check a lot of useful stats and settings to double check your desired setup. That way you will also be able to compare to your own project settings.

And as mentioned above, check the performance settings by verifying r.ScreenPercentage. Enable DLSS with r.ngx.dlss.enable to be set to 1 and then vary the Screen Percentage values between 100 (DLAA only, no SR), 66.7, 58.50 and 33.3

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Apologies late reply, soon i sit on the computer this evening will try those steps straight away, thank you so much for reaching out