DLSS force DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG ignoring timeout attempts

Hello, Unreal Engine had timeout system for GPU when it freeze for a long time. By default this timeout is 5.0sec and it has some attempts to end Queued GPU Task before crash.

But with DLSS enabled Engine always crash after first attempt and timeout with 5.0sec;

This issue can be triggered with any action that requires sometime to be ended, like shader compilation, Running Game in PIE, changine resolution;

When DLSS disabled i dont have any Unreal Engine crash with such reason even using 90% VRAM and Shared GPU Memory and when unreal engine rendering one frame more that 5 minutes;
Also i want to say that i dont have this crash using DLAA

If you need some more log or debug information please let me know;

[2024.03.27-12.13.15:854][946]LogDLSSNGXRHI: Creating   NGX DLSS Feature  SrcRect=[0x0->1442x601], DestRect=[0x0->1442x601], ScaleX=1.000000, ScaleY=1.000000, NGXDLSSPreset=Default(0), NGXPerfQuality=DLAA(5), bHighResolutionMotionVectors=1, bNonZeroSharpness=0, bUseAutoExposure=1, bReleaseMemoryOnDelete=1, GPUNode=0, GPUVisibility=0x1, DenoiseMode=Off 
[2024.03.27-12.13.20:862][946]LogD3D12RHI: Warning: GPU timeout: A payload (0x000009E73D5338E0) on the [0x000009E48F712280, 3D] queue has not completed after 5.000000 seconds.
[2024.03.27-12.14.16:827][946]LogD3D12RHI: Error: CurrentQueue.Fence.D3DFence->GetCompletedValue() failed 
 at F:\Game\Engine\Source\Runtime\D3D12RHI\Private\D3D12Submission.cpp:939 

|[2024.03.27-12.14.16:852][946]LogD3D12RHI: Error: |Budget:|10608.95 MB|
|[2024.03.27-12.14.16:852][946]LogD3D12RHI: Error: |Used:|7139.02 MB|