DLSS support on Linux?

We need HDR just to properly support newer displays and improve IQ. DLSS is more about performance though, with DLSS 2.0 in games like Wolfenstein Youngblood and Control it has quality very close to a native image while only rendering 25-50% as many pixels.

Without DLSS support, Linux games are going to very rapidly fall behind in performance relative to Windows in the coming months/years.

As I understand, the thing with HDR is that it has to be supported in a much wider software stack than DLSS. You need Xorg and Wayland support, in particular. It requires a vendor-neutral solution as well. DLSS is a more localized feature, that can be exposed by the driver and then used by Wine/DXVK/VKD3D (if needed) and the game.

It would definitely love to see DLSS being implemented for linux. It would help a lot in games using RTX.

It would be great to see this feature, especially in regards to WINE/Proton gaming. This is clearly a large step forward for the industry and I’d quite like to see Linux supported on at least a basic level going forward - if only for the sake of its industry viability as a valid target platform.

I’d like to see this – really, anything to provide a better gaming experience on Linux - be that visuals, performance, or just feature support.

I personally think that after seeing games like Control using DLSS 2.0, it’s going to basically be a requirement to get even within 50% of Windows performance in the coming years. Not having support is going to become a critical performance problem sooner than later.

Indeed. Seeing that on Linux would be great because that is obviously where everyone is going on Windows.

VKD3D needs DLSS support, without it full DX12 + RTX translation is impossible.

Not quite true, but without DLSS (especially 2.0 and beyond), Linux will be at a severe performance disadvantage that can’t be overcome. It’s clear at this point that DLSS is a key part of Nvidia’s graphics plans, especially for higher resolution 2.5-4k displays with ray tracing.

Long-Lived Beta Driver release 450.51 ( https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/160555/en-us ) adds support for the following:

Implemented support for NVIDIA NGX. A new library, libnvidia-ngx.so, has been added to support the new functionality. This new library is needed by applications which link against any of the following SDKs:


Wow, cool.

Many thanks 🐸

This is awesome, I really didn’t expect to see it so soon! Hopefully the license is or can get opened up enough for projects like wine to pass Windows applications through to the native Linux library.

are games requiring any dev to have DLSS ? For example i do not have DLSS option in linux for Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

The Feral Interactive port of Shadow of the Tomb Raider currently does not utilize DLSS on Linux. If you’re interested in seeing that feature be made available, I suggest reaching out to Feral Interactive directly (they have a fairly active twitter and support email) asking for such.

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Does the driver support DLSS 2.0?

The driver supports DLSS and NGX Features via the NGX component starting with release series 450. However DLSS and NGX Feature support may differ between versions as these aren’t driver components, so it’s best to check in support audiences for those specific components.

With that in mind having worked on the implementation I know that:
DLSS has support for Linux with DLSS 2.0 and above. DLSS versions prior to 2.0 are not supported on Linux.

Is there any chance of a DLSS SDK being available for various Linux distros in the future?

It’s very unlikely to happen because Vulkan is an open standard, while DLSS is a proprietary tech.

@lmiddlebrook any chance that we can have DLSS 2.0 support on Proton/Wine ? It’s a big missing feature