DLSS Unreal Engine 5.0.3 spamming log message CollectGarbageIncrementFrame when running in VR

We’re using the latest Unreal plugin for UE 5.0.2+ and when running in VR the following message constantly spamming on the log, drastically reducing the performances:

LogDLSSNGX: [DLSS]: [2022-11-02 14:06:27] [NGXCubinFeatureD3D11::collectGarbageAndIncrementFrame:939] Erasing cache helper for resource 0x00000268CFC0B2F8
LogDLSSNGX: [DLSS]: [2022-11-02 14:06:27] [NGXCubinFeatureD3D11::collectGarbageAndIncrementFrame:939] Erasing cache helper for resource 0x00000268CFBFEB78

Any idea how we can fix that?
Thanks in advance

We have the same issues with DX11,
Unfortunately it also makes the build crash after a while due to memory leaks(?) (we didn’t test it, but there is some RHI crash in the logs)

Changing to DX12 fixes that but brings other issues (we had other issues with random crashes with different Headsets when using DLSS and DX12)

If you try it make sure to test it for a longer period as these issues only occur after a few mintes/hours of playing

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