Dmesg kernel buffer being SPAMmed with FAN messages

The dmesg log is being SPAMmed with FAN... messages which means we loose potentially useful messages that can indicate a problem when the kernel message buffer fills up and rolls over. Is there a way to suppress the FAN driver from emitting these messages into the dmesg buffer (since they seen informational and not indicative of an actual problem)?

[ 8775.876003] FAN rising trip_level:4 cur_temp:81650 trip_temps[5]:140000

So your board is really in 81.65C now?

Possibly, I’ll need to point my IR thermometer at the board so see (roughly) what the temperature is. Where is the temperature measured that feeds the cur_temp value?

You can check tegrastats.

Where on the board (physically) is the temperature measured that generates the cur_temp value?

Is there a way to suppress these messages?

You can go to the driver and disable the print, But we don’t suggest to suppress the behavior of the throttling.

I mean, that is the thermal solution, you know the consequence if disabling the thermal solution.

This particular AGX is operating in a very hot area of the US so this temperature is not unexpected. We run the fans at full speed. I don’t want to remove the throttling, I just want to suppress the messages until the driver detects that there is a thermal issue that is concerning.

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