Do All Production Orin NX Modules Support 20V VDD_IN?

The Orin NX SOM datasheet states clearly that the VDD_IN range is 5-20V. However, I have been confused reading some of the forum posts on this matter, such as moderators stating that carrier boards should not be designed to only support >5V here.

And again HERE a moderator states that the Orin NX can presently only work with 5V.

So, if I were to buy a Orin NX module right now would it support 20V VDD_IN?

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No. The answer was “At present, both Orin NX and Orin nano can work with 5V only.” What he meant was that 5V supply is sufficient for both Orin NX and Orin Nano.

This is correct. The module should tell the carrier board if it is safe to raise the voltage in order to prevent damages. You should not assume 20V capability without 5V fallback.

I appreciate the response

Ah yes, I can see how this could be interpreted the way that you mentioned. Thank you.

Reading through the documentation again, it almost sounds like there is an older version of the Orin NX module that only supports 5V, and current modules support the wide input (5-20V) range. 5V being the legacy operation voltage. Does anyone know if that is correct?

No, Sir.
Orin NX has always been 5-20V. Xavier NX (the previous generation) is 5V only. Orin Nano is also 5V only.

The NX modules get more power hungry over the time, and for high-power modules a higher supply voltage is better to keep the current down. You don’t need to switch between 5V and 20V. In my design I switch between 5V and 10V in order to avoid step up converters with an 12V supply. The module_ID pin simply turns a resistor on the regulators voltage divider on or off. For 30W mode I end up with 3A instead of 6A (the absolute limit).

Yes, the current draw implication is also my motivation for wanting to use a higher voltage supply. This makes a lot of sense now, thank you for the clarification!

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