Do FPGA Processing Cards Support GPUDirect?

Does GPUDirect work with FPGA processing cards, such as the Alpha Data ADM-PCIE-9H7 FPGA processing card “”? Need to send data directly from V100 GPU memory to FPGA processing card with the lowest latency possible.

if the alpha data is in a power9 (ac922) you have to use OpenCAPI and Snap

I have done this in the other direction (FPGA DMA engine to GPU). you can also read from the FPGA the GPU memory. see how to pin GPU memory and get its hardware address.

from GPU to FPGA, using the GPU DMA engine, there might be an issue with cudaMemcpy D2H. it requires CPU virtual address. You may map the FPGA BAR and give a try.

Expect poor BW with GPUDirect