Do I need to install jetpack after flashing kernel?

I modify kernel for SPI.
And flash to jetson board with command
$ sudo ./ -r jetson-xavier mmcblk0p1.

After flash, I try to install tensorflow.
After tersorflow install process finished, I’ve check tensorflow through 'import tensorflow’command.

Finally I’ve got error.

SO, here is my question.

Do I need to install jetpck contents such as CUDA after flash kernel?

Because the error which I got said like ‘please check cuda install bla~bla~bla~’

Does kernel flashing includes CUDA, AI, Computervidion, NVIDIA Container Runtime, Multimedia, Deepstream?
Because those components are Automatically install when I use SDKmanager.

And when I use SDKmanager, JETSON SDK components are installed after jetson OS installed.
But my state is olny flash kernel use command above, and notthing.

please let me know about how to install SDK components such as CUDA(If I need to install separately).

I can’t wait experts advise.
I just try install through SDK manager.


To flash the device only setup the OS.
You will need to install the CUDA-related package from SDK manger to make TensorFlow work.