Do libargus provide query camera status?

my team found that sensor would stop work when franklinism shock to the mainboard of nvidia NX, but the eglstream is till work even if the sensor bad. And eglstream gave the some frame data to Consumer.
if restart CameraProvider,the program could be overcame, so i want to a way to query my sensor status real time.

Have reference to the userAutoExposure sample code to implement the EVENT_TYPE_ERROR detect maybe help.

i got the event sensor bad,but i try to restart the camera cupture it not work well.
Argus::Status status = iCaptureSession->waitForIdle();
it return Status = 11.
what is the mean 11?

Have a check the change how to add the error handling.

0001-argus-add-EVENT_TYPE_ERROR-to-sample-apps.patch (51.4 KB)