Do not Boot up on NX-Xavier

Dear community,

NX-Xavier probability not boot up. And uart do not log, but uart garbled.

Is there any way to debug?or What causes ?Thanks

Re-flash the board with sdkmanager. And make sure your steps to dump uart log is correct.
Even a broken board can dump some informative log from the uart. Re-flash it again and dump again. If it can be re-flashed, but cannot dump log, it means something is wrong in your uart setup.

1.Re-flash the board with sdkmanager.The board do work.
Some boards are given to customers, and there is no way to refresh.

2.uart config is correct, Change the board uart log is correct.

Is there any way to debug?

What kind of board is that? NV devkit ? or you custom board?

Custom board

Please move the same module to a devkit and see if you can dump uart log on devkit.

I no devkit.

Then buy one.

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