Do we have a strategy to isolate a CA port on  Switch SX6018?

We got an issue when doing the reliability test for FDR CA ports, i.e. reset the ports of a Channel Adapter, which are all connected with a same IB switch SX6018.

After a couple of times reset, a port is always link down state. we try to plug out and plug in the cables, power on and power off the CA card, both are helpless.

Unless we connected the two ports with one cable on the same CA cards, both ports are linkup.

Dear __Wesley Yu *Infrastructure & Networking - NVIDIA Developer Forums ,

What do you mean by " isolate CA port " ? do you mean to do enable/disable?

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Michael, thanks for your confirmation!

I mean if a switch find a CA port linkdown and then linkup too frequently, the switch will treat the port as an abnormal port,

so that the switch reject to negotiate with that port.


Dear Wesley Yu,

No , we do not isolate IB port when the port is flapping.

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