Do we have access to gem code?

I am trying to create a machine learning pipeline with some custom pyCodelets, but without documentation on the methods for Codelets such as SampleAccumulator and TensorSynchronization or on the methods that inherit for custom pyCodelets, it’s nearly impossible to add my own functionality. Is there anywhere I could find the code or documentation to Isaac SDK codelets?

For example, the code below is mentioned in the ball segmentation machine learning example, but not referenced anywhere else:

node = app.find_node_by_name("ball_navigation_training_samples")
bridge =
sample = bridge.acquire_samples(kSampleNumbers)

It would be nice to see how I could use a similar function as in line 2 for a custom pyCodelet.

The SampleAccumulator and the directly exposed function to acquire samples is actually a rare exception. We might changes this soon to use message passing.

The normal way would be to first create a node pipeline using C++ based nodes by writing a JSON app. Then you can receive messages from these nodes in Python. Examples for receiving messages and writing PyCodelets can be found in //apps/tutorials/*_python.