Do we need to disable windows TDR (timeout recovery) when the desktop isn't extended to the NVIDIA G

Running matlab computations through my GPU which crash because of windows TDR (timeout detection and recovery).

I think I have read that TDR doesn’t come into play if “the desktop is not extended to the GPU” in question.

I’d rather not muck with the TDR registry settings if not necessary. I’d prefer to simply use my embedded GPU for desktop processing when appropriate (e.g. whlie I’m using Matlab).

To that end I’ve gone into the ‘NVIDIA control panel’ -> ‘Manage 3D settings’ -> ‘Preferred graphics processor’ and set it to ‘Integrated Graphics’.

Eh, but I still get timeouts (I have not rebooted).

Question: am I on the right track so far? I don’t actually know how I would confirm whether or not the “desktop is extended to the NVIDIA gpu” vs. being extended to the integrated GPU. And then whether or not that means TDR should be expected to kick in or not.

Unless someone knows something about these specifics in your case, you should save yourself some time and just do that quick change to the registry.

You will have control over the timeout time and I have never had negative consequences from setting the TDR in the registry.

This video explains exactly how to do it:

Thanks for that, it did indeed resolve my issues, though after reading some more I notice that Matlab documentation suggests that I put my NVIDIA GPU in “Tesla cluster compute” mode, thereby dedicating it to the CUDA operations. A google search came up with somewhat esoteric documentation and little else on it.

I wonder how/if I can set that mode on my GTX 860M?

GeForce devices are not supported in TCC mode. For Tesla/Quadro devices, try using the nvidia-smi utility to set the desired mode (switching mode usually requires a reboot). Also, TCC mode is not recommended for a GPU that is hosting a display. Stated another way, a TCC GPU cannot provide any display output. Presumably the GTX860M is driving your laptop display, so TCC would not be an option even if it were a supported Quadro GPU.