Do we support wake up in shutdown mode with the control of PEX_WAKE?

My environment is :
32.7.3 BSP
Xavier NX 8GB module and customized carried board.

First I turn my board into shutdown mode with command
“shutdown now”
Second , I want to wake up my board with the PEX_WAKE changing,
Can we complete that ?

No, it is not supported.

Thank you for reply!

I have another question:
If we want a PCIe network card such as the intel i210 to support Wake-on-LAN (WoL) functionality during shutdown, what do we need to do in hardware?
Or is it not supported?

It is not supported. Or you might need to implement it by toggling to power on circuit design by yourself.

Thank you for your response.
Let’s see if we can achieve WOL functionality by modifying the hardware.
Additionally, may I ask if the core board does not support WOL functionality?

It is not supported.

Get it ,thanks!

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