Do you need an internet connection to use JetPack?

I have the Jetson TX1 set up and a host PC set up and am trying to flash the Jetson, but I can’t connect either of them to the internet at work. I know that I need an internet connection to install Jetpack, but - once it’s installed, do I need an internet connection to use the tools? Can I develop & debug 100% offline? I was going to bring it home to install JetPack on my home wireless and then bring it back to work to use.

Thank you!

You don’t need the internet, but you do need an ethernet cable. Read the documentation, there’s a method for installing the Jetpack with just an ethernet cable between the dev board and your host machine.

Once you download and run the initial JetPack binary, and select the pre-flash install tasks, JetPack will download additional packages to a subdirectory where JetPack is located. To download everything, it can be several GB. But once it downloads the packages, they remain stored in the subdirectory, so next time you start, there is no downloading.

If this is incompatible with your scenario, you can download the L4T packages manually from this page

I flashed JetPack3.2 on to the JetsonTX1 board. It said finished flashing OS. I had not connected a display to the JetSon TX1. Later when I am trying to view the contents on my board, I am not able to. Can someone please tell me what could be possibly wrong.

Flash probably succeeded and the system is working…the video is likely not configured correctly. What is the exact wiring/cabling used? Is it HDMI? If it is 15-pin VGA D-Sub it can’t read monitor information.

Better provide some debug message for what is exactly going on.

Could you ssh to your device?