Hello folks,

Can anyone add information about the difference between DOCA_FLOW_PIPE_CONTROL and DOCA_FLOW_PIPE_ACL?
Is there a performance difference or nb flow per pipe?

What I’ve found now it is the difference regarding the ports range functionality.
11.3.11 (Flow Programming Guide - NVIDIA Docs)

For ACL pipe it should work as:
Mask port is 0 ==> Any port
Mask port is equal to match port ==> Exact port. Port with mask 0xffff.
Mask port > match port ==> Match port is used as port from and mask port is used as port to

I dont check it yet.

But for CONTROL pipe it works as:
Mask port > match port ==> 0 is used as port from and mask port is used as port to

Is it undefined behaviour?
doca 2.0.2 version

Thanks in advance

What is interesting here is the functionality of the PIPE_CONTROL with IP addresses and IP masks according to the description for the PIPE_ACL. Plus there is opportunity to add/delete entries in runtime. The exception is the functionality with a ports range.