Doca Sensitive Information Detection Example


We have a problem trying to execute the DOCA Sensitive Information Detection Example from the Morpheus repository. The full log is attached to this message.

Steps taken so far:

  1. Pull the docker image from Private Registry).
  2. Clone the Morpheus repository from (branch 24.06).
  3. Launch the Morpheus container with:
sudo docker run -v /dev/hugepages:/dev/hugepages -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock --privileged --rm -ti --runtime=nvidia -v $PWD:/morpheus --net=host --gpus=all --cap-add=sys_nice bash
  1. Compile Morpheus code from source:
export PYTHON_VER=3.10
export RAPIDS_VER=23.06
export CUDA_VER=12.1
export MORPHEUS_ROOT=$(pwd)/morpheus


pip install -e .

The full build log is attached to this email divided into 2 files. After running the build not all of the source code is compiled. We needed to run the compile script again. The build-1-log.txt file refers to the first build and the build-2-log.txt refers to the second execution of the build script.

  1. Running the example inside the container:
lspci -tv | grep -E "NVIDIA|ella|(^\+)|(^\-)"

conda remove --force rdma-core

python examples/doca/ --nic_addr 61:00.0 --gpu_addr 22:00.0

Execution environment information:

  • Bare Metal Server
  • Bluefield-2
  • Nvidia A30
  • Ubuntu 22.04

runtime-log.txt (6.4 KB)
build-1-log.txt (64.3 KB)
build-2-log.txt (24.2 KB)

Will submit a patch shortly (1-2 days) to fix the error.
In the meanwhile, would you try to use the UDP use-case? If yes there are two samples:

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Thank you so much for your response @eagostini.

I confirm that the sample examples/doca/ is working as expected.

Is there any way to be notified when the patch is available in the morpheus repository?

I’ve created a new issue to track this effort: [BUG]: DOCA TCP Sensitive Information Detection Example · Issue #1728 · nv-morpheus/Morpheus · GitHub