Docker-compose.yml for Portainer Stack

Edit: I am looking for a docker-compose.yml for a Portainer Stack to be able to add a bind mount to an external drive. Thus, if the container gets updated, the data persists. Thanks a lot!

The command to translate to compose yml for Portainer is:

docker run --shm-size=1g --ulimit memlock=-1 --ulimit stack=67108864 \
> --runtime nvidia -v ${PWD}/examples:/examples \
> -it simnet:21.06 bash

Here is the solution. Note that only absolute paths including symlinks (here: BLOCK) work unless connected to a git repository.

# compose-simnet.yml

version: '2.1'



    shm_size: '1g'

      memlock: '-1'
      stack: '67108864'

    # env variables only w/ git repo, symlinks are OK: Portainer
      - /home/user/BLOCK/SimNet/examples:/examples

    runtime: 'nvidia'

    image: "simnet:21.06"

    command: tail -F /dev/null

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