Docker on Mac OS is unable to flash Jetson


I am trying to flash a Jetson Nano with the latest SDK Manager docker container and there are some problems regarding the USB. The docker image is not able to access de Jetson device even though Mac OS do recognise it.
The line I’m using is the following:
docker run -it --privileged --rm sdkmanager --cli install --logintype devzone --product Jetson --targetos Linux --version 4.6 --target JETSON_NANO_TARGETS --flash all

The ‘–privileged’ parameter is supposed to give the docker image access to all devices from the host machine, however, once the docker image is running, ‘lsusb’ doesn’t show any device.

Docker version is 20.10.8 running on an Intel MacBook Pro 2020 with Mac OS Big Sur.

Is there any solution to this problem?

There are solution descriptions floating around using docker-machine, e.g. Using USB with Docker for Mac - DEV Community

During the flashing process Jetson is rebooted and the USB connection gets lost. You must re-connect it again at the right time, otherwise flashing will fail. I don’t know if the docker-machine solution can automatically re-connect USB devices.

I succesfully flash my Jetson/Xavier devices from MacOS with a Ubuntu 16.04-VM running in VirtualBox. You can configure Virtualbox that it automatically (re-)connects USB devices by a filter (e.g. only devices by Vendor “Nvidia” are automatically assigend to VM).

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