Docker problem while running isaac_ros_common

I have logged into using oauth but however:

“Unable to find image ‘isaac_ros_dev-aarch64:latest’ locally
docker: Error response from daemon: pull access denied for isaac_ros_dev-aarch64, repository does not exist or may require ‘docker login’: denied: requested access to the resource is denied.”

I also have tried to pull other ros images from without success.

here is my nvcr login:

can@agx:~/isaac_ros_common$ docker login
Authenticating with existing credentials…
WARNING! Your password will be stored unencrypted in /home/can/.docker/config.json.
Configure a credential helper to remove this warning. See
docker login | Docker Documentation

Login Succeeded

Is there a problem with the repository? Or do I need extra permissions for access?

Best Regards,

Can you show more of the logs from before this error message? This is usually indicative of a Docker image that failed to build and then tries to find it and fails with the warning that you listed. See Having problems pulling the images from the repository · Issue #11 · NVIDIA-ISAAC-ROS/isaac_ros_common · GitHub

what are the steps to reproduce the error? which pull command are you using?