Docker/ Error:the input device is not a TTY

I’m currently using the Jetson Nano Developer Kit and JetPack 4.6.3-b17.
I would like to achieve the following behavior:
・Power on the Jetson Nano.
・Automatically start the docker container.
・Run the person detection program inside the docker container.
However, it’s not functioning properly. Error:the input device is not a TTY.

I have created “test.service” file in “/etc/systemd/system”.
It’s “test.service” file.




It’s “” script.
“” is person detection program.

cd /home/{UserName}/jetson-inference
docker/ -v /home/{UserName}/product:/tmp -r python3 /tmp/

Is there any solution available?
I would appreciate it if you could provide some guidance or assistance.
I think I need to modify the “sudo docker run” command in “jetson-inference/docker/”.

Thank you for reading.


Could you share the command in docker/
Do you launch the container with -it?


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Hi @Kazuya.S @AastaLLL, yes by default docker/ will start the jetson-inference container in interactive mode with -it:

Try removing the -it or creating your own customized version of the script for launching your container.

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Hi, @AastaLLL @dusty_nv.
I apologize for the delay in my response.

It worked well after removing “-it”!
Thank you both very much.

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