Docker & sharing nvbuffer


I am at the early stages of exploring how we could use multiple Docker Containers on a Jetson Nano to allow processing of video from a single video source (HDMI or IP camera).

Is there a way we can share decoded/raw video frames between 2 docker containers efficiently?

Presumably this would need to involve sharing NvBuffers without memory mapping to the CPU (or copying!)

Does this sound possible? If not, is this something that is on the jetpack road map?

For multiple docker containers, do you mean multiple processes? If yes, it is not supported currently. NvBuffer is not able to be passed between processes without extra memcpy().

Yes, multiple processes would be the same thing.

Is this anything that would be considered for a future release or should I discard the idea?


Since it requires much effort to re-organize the current software stacks, we don’t have plan to support this in near future.