Docker/wheel with tensorflow 2 for arm64

I’m working with Jetson AGX Xavier and I’m trying to get tensorflow 2 working on it.
I’ve found a working wheel for tensorflow 2 here:
but while testing it I’ve discovered it doesn’t have gpu support.
I’ve also checked docker images from nvidia:
but still nothing for arm64 with tensorflow 2.

Does anyone knows where I can get a docker or wheel with tensorflow 2 for arm64 to work on the Jetson?

Hi vladpuuz4w, check out these posts about building Tensorflow 2 on Jetson (with GPU support):

The last post includes links to wheel binaries (built for Nano) - I am not sure if they would work on Xavier or would need rebuilt for the different GPU.

That last wheel does surprisingly work on Xavier!
I’ll give it more testing but it seems to work with gpu support at first glance.


Can you be a bit more specific, what wheel exactly, what did you do?

Since in that Q&A there’s multiple things this guy has done… I will probably figure it out by the time you see this, but for others having this same problem!


you may try to build it with the instruction from: