I have a jetson nano.
And I want to run my docker/ on boot
I tried doing it on a script but didnt succeed

Hi @antonin.morcrette, if you look at how JetBot does it (, you should be able to add --restart always to the sudo docker run ... command inside docker/ script. Then once you start the container, it should automatically restart after reboots.

For more info, see Docker - what does `docker run --restart always` actually do? - Stack Overflow

Alternatively, you may create a systemd service that starts the container for you at boot-up, but I think that Docker can do this for you already.

Hi thanks for your answers.

But it does not seems to work properly or i dont see if it works,
I added the restart always but when I reboot, the docker does not restart automatically,

@antonin.morcrette if you run sudo docker ps -a after reboot, do you see the container running? You may need to re-attach to it with sudo docker attach. You may need to play around with the docker container settings when you start it, and this (or if you were to make a systemd service to start it) isn’t specific to Jetson.

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