Docs: Install Linux yum/dnf outdated

The “yum or dnf” install instructions at NVIDIA HPC SDK Current Release Downloads | NVIDIA Developer are out of date. RHEL/CentOS 9 don’t have “yum-config-manager”. Instead I did:

 dnf config-manager --add-repo

The install instructions are not out of date because RHEL 9 isn’t supported yet. See Release Notes Version 23.5 for details on which Linux distros are supported by the NVIDIA HPC SDK.

That said, yes, there’s room for improvement re yum vs dnf. Let me make some changes in the current page to clarify the install instructions.

FYI the download pages for the current and 23.5 pages have been updated.

I’m likely not going to backfill these changes on the pages older than 23.5, but the structure of the 23.5 page will be what is used for 23.7 onwards.

OK thanks. I didn’t think to check which RHEL version was supported, but everything I tried with HPC SDK 23.5 worked on CentOS Stream 9.