Documentation about Fortran OpenACC built-in functions


Where can I find info about the FORTRAN OpenACC built-in functions as " __pgi_gangidx", " __pgi_workeridx",“_pgi_vectoridx”, __pgi_threadix etc… ?
I tried to look here: NVIDIA HPC SDK Version 22.5 Documentation but I didn’t find nothing.

I need it because I am using cuRAND with Fortran OpenACC and I want to initialize the seed of the pseudo-random number generator with a different value for each thread.
In CUDA I would write something like this:
cuda_seed = my_seed + blockDim%x * (blockIdx%x - 1) + threadIdx%x

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Alberto Riccardo Martinelli

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Hi Alberto,

We intentionally don’t document them. Not that we keep them hidden, but don’t want to promote their use since they are non-standard and only useful in rare circumstances, cuRAND being one.

Though hopefully they are self explanatory, but if you have a specific question, let me know.

For “blockIdx%x” use “__pgi_blockidx”, “threadIdx%x” use “__pgi_threadidx”, “blockDim%x” would be the same as the value set via the “vector_length” clause.


Ok, I can’t figure out the signature of the function __pgi_threadidx. What is the type of the parameter of this function?
I tried with an integer but it doesn’t work.

They’re listed in the “openacc.h” header file:

extern int __pgi_gangidx(void);
extern int __pgi_workeridx(void);
extern int __pgi_vectoridx(void);
extern int __pgi_blockidx(int);
extern int __pgi_threadidx(int);

The input to blockidx and threadidx is the dimension to query, 1 (x), 2 (y), or 3 (z).

Hope this helps,

that make sense, now it works.

Thank you very much,


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