Documentation Error Verification: Is it "Supports Triton 22.03" or "Supports Triton 23.03"? (Deepstream 6.3)

Release notes
 Supports Triton 22.03 for x86/dGPU, Triton 23.01 for Jetson and Rivermax v1.20.

Regarding the support for Triton on x86/dGPU, should it actually read “Supports Triton 23.03 for x86/dGPU” instead of “Supports Triton 22.03”?

The Triton versions for DeepStream 6.3 GA

x86: 2.32.0 - NGC docker 23.03
Jetson: 2.30.0-jetpack5.1

It may be a document error.

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