Documentation for --chip <chip name>

I tried putting sm_75 for --chip but it says invalid chip name.

Is there a doc i can follow to get chip names for different gpus?

It was an oversight on our end to not add an option to print the valid chip names. It’s already scheduled to be fixed in a future release. In the meantime, here is the list of supported chips that can be used with this option. Note that mobile chips might only be available in mobile (e.g. DRIVE) releases of Nsight Compute

gp102, gp104, gp106, gp107, gp108, gv100, gv11b, tu101, tu102, tu104, tu106, tu116, tu117

Thank you. Yeah a nice way to map these chips to known GPUs would be cool too!
Curious, does deviceQuery list the name of the chip? provides a good reference for GPU and chip names. deviceQuery does not list it, no.