Documentation for controlling custom 6DOF robots in Isaac Sim


I’ve gotten the Leonardo preview application to work & have access to the code used to control it. Everything works perfectly, good job on the documentation!

What I’m looking for currently is a way to to control my custom 6DOF arm(I have the URDF ready) in the Isaac Sim. Something similar to pybullet’s setJointMotorControl2.
I see that the Leonardo application uses the RMP motion planner by Nvidia which is internally taking care of updating the sim after planning the end-effector to the goal pose. Can someone point me to the right documentation so I can do the same?

We’re excited here at to leverage more realistic simulations and learn new tasks!

Hi. I would suggest waiting for the next version of Isaac Sim (2020.1) to be released very soon. It will include a more robust URDF importer and samples on how to control a 6DOF arm in python. Please stay tuned.