Documentation for Trusty


Do you have documentation for Nvidia Tx2 trusty support.
Basically i am looking into trusty_src/trusty/tegra. (support provided by Nvidia)
Also modifications made to trusty for Nvidia platforms.

hello beckrakesh,

there’s documentation as I mentioned in Topic 140353.
please also refer to Topic 128041 for the guides to implement or extend more functions for TA/CA services.

Hi JerryChang,

Just for the sake of answering don’t blurt out anything.
I was not asking for “TA/CA services”, i am looking into “Trusty OS”.

As i mentioned in Topic 140353, Please just tag anyone you know who can provide better answers.


please stick with same discussion thread for supports.

Please understand this, If Nvidia doesn’t want to disclose, just say it. I wont’t mind.

But Please, Please, Please, don’t answer something completely different to what is being asked. This is very frustrating.