Documentation is lacking

I just recently downloaded 2018.7 and I can’t seem to find a complete description of all the signals you can monitor. I have found lists of signals but they do not seem to completely match what 2018.7 is reporting.

Is there a complete accurate list somewhere

Hi gdewan,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Which GPU are you using? (coutners will change from arch to arch and slightly from sku to sku)


Primarily interested in the 2080 and its variants (but currently investigating this tool using a 980). I remember with the old PerfSDK, it was possible to query a counter and get its description. Seems like it would be useful if NSight was able to give a full descriptions for each of its counters.

Hi Gdewan,

Sorry for the late response. There is an internal conversation going on out how to best support this going forward.

However, your best bet today is to use the “User Metrics” section in the range profiler. See the screenshot below.

I’ll post back here once we have a more holistic solution!