Documentation on CloudXR over WiFi


I am preparing for testing CloudXR with a 5G network, but would like to verify that my server works before I go there. I’m running the server on my own PC and I have it connected to a Google WiFi Mesh point with an RJ45 cable. My hope is to have a test environement fro the server where I can fire up smartphones with client apps that connects over wifi.

I created a basic diagram of the local network setup where I hope to do the testing. So far I’we not been able to get the SteamVR to register that a device is connected. So it will never start. I made a static IP on the local network for both the smarthone and the pc. I belive I have opened up all the ports and forward them from the Google Wifi setup.

A step-by step tutorial or something along those lines would be of great help.

Try turning off firewall(s) on the host pc. The installer should have poked through for you already, but just in case it’s worth testing. Especially if running some third-party firewall software.

I don’t believe there should be issues with the google wifi. Normally that firewall would only kick in for WAN port access, you are completely LAN here.

Make sure you have accepted any permissions requests on the phone to ensure IT can communicate out.

Beyond that, we’d need to see a failed log set from both client and server to try to get a read on what might be failing.

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We got it working :) It was an unrelated networking problem so the CloudXR + Steam VR was never the problem. However it would be good to have a section on getting started on wifi in the main pdf document. The best thing would be a proper developer portal with docs, example, and getting started material - maybe that is in your plans, but I would think developers would love you going to that level of developer friendlyness. I have to speak for my self as I have mostly had experience writing frontend and backend code, but never really had any experience relating to networking protocols etc to do the debugging - maybe I am not the only one. Talking bout debuggin: When at a later time if I need to find the fail log on the client side - is it in a folder the app creates? (using Android right now).

We are overhauling the docs right now. The existing PDF does hit many general topics, including log files. :)

If there are very SPECIFIC doc sections you’d like to see in the future, let me know and I’ll add to our running list.

I’d like to see lots of examples on how to do logging, On windows, on android, on apple. With examples and usable tests. Not documents that say “type this this this” - “in some magic place”.

Do you mean logging, to the text files, or tracing, to get profiling information? (Both need further docs, just want to ensure I know what in particular is the pain point here… :) )

Both, all, everything.

I’m stuck with million lines of fps: 59.6, s2st: 27.5, qt: 12.1, late: 0.0 ms and it helps with nothing as I cant debug anything else. I had to make a bunch of widgets and reroute my prints to them.
Ideally, I’d like to install callbacks for ur logings with categories. Are you aware of Qt Logging? - something like that would be great as then I can control which log gets printed where/how/level/etc. Or callback handle in general
And then I can do if messageType == / > XX.

As to file logging, same here.