Documentation problem

I found one typo, and another instruction in the begining tutorials that would be nice if it got fixed.

The first typo is a 1 where a l is in a reference to a file name in the v4l2_camera. The program has a l but the instructions say 1, and the error message does not tell you anything related to that.

Second is in section "Developing Codlets in C++. Ping instructions tell you to run bazel from the ping directory but that does not work. I already learned the hard way only from workspace dir.

Thank you

Thanks for letting us know! Yes, you are right, it should be V4L2 (Video 4 Linux). We’ll make a note to get that fixed.

Second, you should be able to run bazel from the ping directory, but there is an issue introduced in 2020.2 that prevents it. See: ISAAC SDK C++ Codelets Not building to work around it if you need to.

Could you tell me where you see this typo of “v412”? I’m looking through Building Isaac Applications — ISAAC 2020.2 documentation without seeing it still.

I think it is the case that your lower case L looks just like an 1. If I type out an 1 and l in the terminal, it looks like what you have used is a 1. It had me lost for a while as the error bazel throws does not tell me that.

Create an Application File

Create a JSON application file named in a new folder in the Isaac //apps directory. Add the contents shown below: