does 5.2 RC2 16268 still not support shader debugging under GeForce GTX Titan X?

I just downloaded RC2 of Nsight 5.2. The release notes mentioned this release was supposed to have support for Maxwell and GeForce GTX Titan X, but I still can’t get it to work. Clicking on Start Graphics Debugging pops up messages like “Shader debugging is not supported on the GPU associated with this device” and “Not all Nsight features are supported on non-NVIDIA GPUs, or the Microsoft Basic Render Driver”. When capturing a frame, I get an equally depressing flood of “Shader Debugging is not supported for this GPU” messages in the shader view.

First thought was perhaps Nsight was getting confused about what GPU I have or what driver is installed, but the Nsight system window shows

GeForce GTX Titan X
Attached Monitors 1
Compute Capability 5.2
CUDA Device Index 0
Driver Model WDDM
Driver Version 375.63
Frame Buffer Bandwidth (GB/s) 336.48
Frame Buffer Bus Width (bits) 384
Frame Buffer Location Dedicated
Frame Buffer Physical Size (MB) 12288
GPU Family GM200-A
Graphics Clock (Mhz) 538
Memory Clock (Mhz) 3505
Number of SMs 24
Processor Clock (Mhz) 1076

So do I have some weird config or is this release broken for others as well?


can you tell me the detailed version of GTX Titan X?
If the GPU architecture of GTX Titan X is pascal, it doesn’t support shader debugging now.