Does a new Jetson TX2 Module come with Default OS

I want to be able to boot a new Jetson TX2 from Micro SD card with a TX2 OS already written to sd card.

That means all I need is the micro sd card to run TX2 from and new similar TX2 . This is the case for raspberry Pi.

Just wondering if this was possible for Jetson TX2. Especially a TX2 bought as a module before connecting to a carrier board.

So question is, does a new Jetson TX2 Module come with Default OS already flashed into it?

Because if so, I know it should work automatically, like with a raspberry Pi.

NOTE: The carrier board is same as used in the OS that was flashed to the micro SD card.

Modules sold separately from dev kits do not have any software installed. Even if you were to boot from SD card you would still need to flash to set up the boot environment which points to the SD card.

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