Does AGX ORIN support two or more XFI?


Does AGX ORIN support two or more XFI?One XFI is for LAN switch, and the other one is for 10Gbase-T PHY. Function block as blow:

Hi, please refer to DG only: The Orin module supports one of the four Multi-Gigabit Ethernet (MGBE) interfaces on the Orin SoC: MGBE Controller #0. Communication between the Orin MGBE controller and external devices (for example, Ethernet PHYs and switches) can be achieved by XFI or SFI differential connections, supporting 5 Gbps and 10 Gbps line rates on XFI or SFI lanes.

Hi, early version DG shows one ORIN module can support four 10G PHY by XFI. One ORIN module can support one 10G PHY by XFI now. Will one module support four XFI in the next few days? Or never support four XFI?

No, it won’t get supported.

Hi, can one ORIN module support 4 XFI in hardware?You mean NV won’t support BSP for 4 XFI,right?

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