Does backup and restore work for Jetpack 6?

Hi, I saw in a couple threads, that the backup and restore functionality is not working although the L4T driver files includes it

I wanted to confirm that this is true, and check if there were any alternative ways of backing up and restoring an Orin using Jetpack 6.


It’s broken on JetPack 6 DP but fixed on JetPack 6 GA.

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Thanks for the confirmation.

Is there a way of backing up and restoring a Jetpack 6 Orin with DP e.g. Tegra 36.2?

You can just replace the scripts in 6.0 DP (Linux_for_Tegra/tools/backup_restore) with those in 6.0 GA.
Anyway, using a developer preview version after a production version has been released is never recommended.
Please don’t do it.