Does Blast Extreme offload the decode on the endpoint GPU?

Hi All,

I am very excited about the benefits of Horizon 7 - Blast Extreme’s ability to offload encoding onto the GPU. Does that also allow offloading of the decode to a GPU on the endpoint? Or does that decode still happen in CPU?



Hi Richard,

I will check but I think the VMware team are releasing new View clients that indeed do hardware decode. Many of the VMware team are at GTC (as you are) and could fill you in on details.


Thanks Rachel! I’ll see if I can find out as well and update this post.



VMware Blast Extreme leverages two codecs internally. H.264 and JPG/PNG. If H.264 codec is used, then client side offloads the decode process to H.264 engine on the client. If JPG/PNG is used, decode happens within the CPU on client side.


Great info and that’s great it can offload decoding on the endpoint.

Thanks Kiran!


I’ve had it confirmed that with the 4.0 Horizon Clients for Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Chrome VMware do hardware offload today.

Thanks Rachel! You’re the best!

KiranRao who posted about is the PM at VMware for Blast Extreme.

I could also point out its in the client documentation… ;)