Does Bluetooth reduce datarate over WIFI?

we are using the TX2 development kit for our autonomous rover.
For that, we would like to have a stable and high datarate over 2.4GHz WIFI. I know that the Jetson has two antennas and supports WIFI and Bluetooth. I also know, that WIFI and Bluetooth work at the same frequency range.
So my question is, does using Bluetooth reduce the datarate of WIFI?
And if we use Bluetooth and WIFI, is one antenna port then dedicated for transmitting and receiving Bluetooth and the other antenna for receiving WIFI? How is Bluetooth and WIFI managed at the same time?

Please refer to this topic:

Both antenna are used for 2G and 5G, BT channel is only routed to J2009 conn.

The BT/WiFi module is BCM4354 which supports dual-band 2x2 MIMO radio with virtual-simultaneous dual-band operation, and simultaneous BT/WLAN receive with single antenna. The data rate will auto change accordingly.