Does Clara SDK run on Jetson TX2?

In Clara’s readme file, explicit system requirements are present as: (1) NVIDIA CUDA Driver 410.48 or higher; (2) NVIDIA GPU is Pascal or newer.

As for Tx2, it meets condition (2). However, the first condition can not meet since Driver 410.48 or higher is merely valid for desktop PC (e.g X86 architecture instead of ARM).

Thus, my question is whether Clara can work on TX2. Can Clara experts answer?

hello, I also have the same problem. I learned about that the AGX Xavier Developer Kit can install CUDA10 by Jetpack4, therefore,it meets the condition[1] and condition[2].
But as for TX2, it only meets condition[2], whether Clara can work on TX2?

There should be two video drivers involved, and two CUDA libraries. An Xavier SoC would have one of each, the host PC itself would also have one of each. Be careful when reading documents to note if it is the host one is speaking of, or if it is the SoC being spoken of. More on that topic:

A typical theme for JetPack is to be able to flash the SoC (adding Ubuntu with NVIDIA direct hardware access drivers…otherwise known as “Linux for Tegra”…L4T). Then to install extra packages (such as CUDA) after the SoC reboots. JetPack typically also adds CUDA to the host, and perhaps some support tools, e.g., NSight edition of Eclipse, cross-architecture compiler for building arm64/aarch64, so on. The host PC typically has to be Ubuntu for JetPack to work on it (if you are working only with Xavier, then you probably want your host to specifically be Ubuntu 18.04).

In terms of giving NVIDIA video driver specifications in terms of versions like “410.48” you can be guaranteed this is for the discrete video card on the PC, not the Xavier SoC. I don’t have the Clara to experiment with (and my host is actually Fedora, and my Xavier SoC is in the Jetson format), so I can’t help much with details.

Thanks for your informative reply. Till now I have tried it on TX2 with failure. Currently neither Jetpack 3.x nor Jetpack 4.x works.

Maybe it is safe to me that port Clara to Desktop PC first.

Actually, if you are interested specifically in a TX2, you should post here instead (very few people who work with Jetsons will see your post here…JetPack questions could be answered):

So far as I know Clara itself was intended for a PCIe card containing next-generation, e.g., perhaps Xavier (the successor to the SoC in the TX2). I’m not sure what software might be intended for Clara, but it is unlikely to also run on a TX2 (TX2 is Parker series, Clara shows Volta, a later generation). Unfortunately I’ve not seen any details on what Clara works on, I’m just going by what I know about the Jetson series when I speak of JetPack. Note the PCIe card in the picture in the middle is what Clara is actually intended to run on:

I suspect (but can’t say for sure) that if you want the Clara SDK on a TX2, the answer would be “it isn’t supported”. The Xavier would be the only Jetson with comparable hardware (but in external module format like a TX2 instead of on PCIe), and thus it probably isn’t possible to to even consider the possibility for a TX2.

I have not seen the requirements for a PC to use Clara. I would guess the PC would also need a Volta GPU/video card.