Does Client Hardware Affect Performance

Does client hardware affect the application performance? Since the idea is to take the compute power away from the client device and into the cloud, should the same VR application on CloudXR server run the same on a Quest vs Quest 2?

I am asking because this doesn’t seem to be the case for the sample app I tried. The FPS is 20-30% less on the Quest than Quest 2.

Overall, modern client hardware should be pretty similar. The server and the connection determine a lot of the performance. Also running with foveation (say -f 50) will keep performance and bandwidth more level.

Trying to brainstorm possible issues, if you connected first with the quest 2, then did not restart the server and connected with the quest 1, you’d be getting the much higher resolution of the quest 2, with a slower decoder and slower GPU – so something like that performance drop is conceivable.