Does cuda 10.2 not create the is_trivial_copy.h file in Cuda's 'thrust' folder?


I am trying to compile Autoware with Cuda 10.2 but there is a persistent error saying "
make[2]: *** No rule to make target ‘/usr/local/cuda/include/thrust/detail/dispatch/is_trivial_copy.h’, needed by ‘CMakeFiles/gpu_euclidean_clustering.dir/nodes/lidar_euclidean_cluster_detect/’. Stop."

When I went to the /usr/local/cuda/include/thrust/detail/ folder, I couldn’t locate a dispatch folder, and hence no is_trivial_copy.h file.

Is this because of cuda 10.2? Am I supposed to install Cuda 9.0? But my GPU being with compute capability 7.5 (and a titan series), NVIDIA recommends Cuda 10.2

Can anybody help me come out of this loop of compatibility issues?

Applications shouldn’t depend on files in …/thrust/detail

These are implementation details that may change from one version of thrust to the next.

The only solutions are:

  • go back to a CUDA/thrust version that had that directory structure (I don’t know what version that would be, 10.1 doesn’t have it either)

  • get the developer of the gpu_euclidean_clustering application to refactor their application so as not to depend on that file, or probably anything in thrust/detail