Does cuda-gdb automatically pick the correct focus for a CUDA_EXCEPTION_5 Warp out-of-range address

I have a kernel that’s failing with CUDA_EXCEPTION_5, Warp Out-of-range Address.

cuda-gdb automatically places the focus on a specific block. Is that the block where the error is occurring or when nvidia documentation states CUDA_EXCEPTION_5 “is not precise” it means the debugger can’t determine which block/thread that specific exception occurred in?

If it’s only granular to the warp is there a way to find out within cuda-gdb which warp the exception occurred within and which blocks belong to that warp?

cuda-gdb is not always able to precisely detect thread where the exception was thrown. To increase the precision you need to enable memcheck integration before starting your application by using “set cuda memcheck on” command. Please note that running the application with integrated memcheck enabled degrades the performance.