Does CUDA support OpenCL pipe like structures?

I have been using OpenCL 2.0 on AMD GPUs until now. I was using OpenCL 2.0 because i needed to transfer data between 2 kernels using pipes. Now i decided to switch to Nvidia GPUs but i found that Nvidia doesn’t support OpenCL 2.0. So is there anything available in CUDA or OpenCL 1.2 SDK provided by Nvidia that is similar to pipes in the OpenCL specification 2.0. All i want to do is to transfer data between 2 kernels directly without using global memory buffers. Anything that can do do this can be used. Thanks in advance.

I don’t know of anything equivalent to a pipe mechanism built into CUDA. It seems like it would not be difficult to create with a global memory buffer. I realize you said you don’t want to use global memory buffers, but I’m not sure why not, and I suspect the underlying implementation in the AMD GPU situation uses something equivalent to global memory.

passing a pointer between the kernels is not an option? Performance wise that would be what the OpenCL 2.0 backend would be doing unless it’s automatically strip mining and fusing both kernels.

If that is the case, you should probably look into fusing your kernels yourself, if that’s not possible then the OpenCL pipe would also not be able to do anything extra for you (ie data would pass into global memory and back).