Does CUPTI API version have to exactly match CUDA runtime API version?

According to the documentation, CUDA driver are backwards compatible with older versions of CUPTI. But how about CUDA runtime API version vs CUPTI version? Can I use the CUPTI headers and shared libraries shipped with CUDA toolkit 11.8 on an application that uses CUDA runtime 11.3? Or do their versions have to match exactly?

Yes CUPTI version should match CUDA runtime version.

Can you please explain the use case when you need to use a newer version of CUPTI (compared to the CUDA runtime)?

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Our stack is tied to a specific CUDA runtime and driver API version 11.x. The CUPTI release notes show that each 11.x update introduces new features and fixes existing problems. So I was simply wondering if I can max out the minor version. But using the CUPTI that matches the runtime version does not pose a particular problem to me at the moment. Thanks for your reply.


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